Hemp socks knitted with vintage machines in Nara.

Nara Prefecture, known for producing the most socks in Japan, has a long history of supporting the Japanese sock industry. It's in the sock factories of Nara, with such a rich history, where SUNNYNOMADO socks are produced.

Nara Prefecture, renowned as the leading producer of socks in Japan.

Of all the socks produced in Japan, approximately 50% of them are made in Nara Prefecture. With a rich history dating back over a century, Nara's legacy in sock production can be traced to the prosperous cultivation of 'Yamato Momen' cotton fabric during the Edo period back over 100 years.

Production with vintage machines yields approximately 40 pairs per day.

Our socks, crafted meticulously by the skilled artisans of Nara, are made one pair at a time. Due to the attention to detail in their handiwork, we can produce only 40 pairs per day. We use hemp threads known for their durability, breathability, and excellent moisture-absorbing properties. 

The vintage machines that have supported sock production in Nara are a rare find in the country, with only a few of them still in existence. Since the manufacturers have discontinued production of their parts, the artisans have taken it upon themselves to repair and preserve these machines, valuing the tradition they uphold.

One of the features of vintage machines is their ability to work with exceptionally thick threads, a task that mass-produced machines are incapable of. Additionally, hemp fibers, known for their resistance to stretching and washing, are highly durable, ensuring long-lasting use.

Designed based on ergonomics to achieve the optimal shape for the foot.

Utilizing the principles of ergonomics, we've calculated the ideal shape for the foot while in a standing position, ensuring a natural angle that minimizes stress during activities like walking or standing. The substantial heel gusset and contoured knitting structure enhance the ease of wearing.

Highly functional and environmentally friendly hemp materials.

SUNNYNOMADO socks feature the use of hemp. Hemp is a type of fiber known for its strength, and due to its hollow structure, it offers a comfortable wearing experience year-round, allowing heat to escape in summer and retaining warmth in winter. Moreover, hemp possesses antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, helping maintain cleanliness for your feet.

Hemp can be cultivated with minimal use of pesticides, making it a plant that is gentle on the soil and has a low environmental impact. Additionally, hemp is not only a source of fiber but can also be used to create various products, ranging from food and cosmetics to paper, utilizing components from its seeds, roots, stems, and more. Some even say it can serve as a sustainable alternative to essential resources like petroleum and timber.

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