Like a tailor-made, body-aligning insole.

Does disease originate from the feet?

Your feet play a critical role in supporting your entire body weight. If there's an issue with your feet, the strain may transfer to your knees, and over time, the burden could affect your hips, back, and shoulders, ultimately impacting your entire body. Your current physical issues may be rooted in problems with your feet.

Like a tailor-made, body-aligning insole

Modern individuals, who no longer use their feet as extensively as in the past, are believed to be losing the innate 'body-supporting strength.' That's where Dr. NOMADO insoles come in – they are designed with a specific focus on this foundational element of health, your 'feet.' Aligning your feet means reclaiming your inherent strength, and that's exactly what they do at Dr. NOMADO.

Uses a patented shape-memory material that takes on the shape of your own feet. The shape of the foot differs from person to person. The EVA material corrects the skeletal structure to the ideal shape while fine-tuning the shape to the wearer's needs. The shape of the foot is formed after 2 to 3 days of wear and can be checked for distortions.

Dr. NOMADO Insoles: The Three-Layer Structure

  1. Insole

  2. Shape-memory aterial

  3. EVA material

The Benefits of Dr. NOMADO Insoles

1. Aligning for Proper Walking

It corrects the skeletal structure of the feet to their 'natural, correct form.' Furthermore, by altering the shape to fit the wearer's toes, it encourages the use of the entire foot during walking, promoting a low-impact, correct walking motion.

2.  Preventing Injuries

The shape-memory material securely cradles the feet, reducing pressure and allowing for an ideal posture. It also helps prevent slipping when stepping.

3. Preventing Lifestyle-Related Health Issues

The feet are constantly supporting the entire body. If there are abnormalities in the feet, the body compensates and places stress on it. Conditions like lower back pain, shoulder stiffness, and headaches may be caused by problems with the 'feet.'

4.  Reducing Fatigue from Walking

It reduces the burden on the feet by approximately 68%. Whether it's for standing work, outdoor activities, or everyday life, it supports your feet."

Supervisor: Mr Masataka Watanabe, Foot & Shoe Consultant

Supervised by Foot & Shoe Consultant, Masataka Watanabe, an expert who studied orthopedic shoe theory in the birthplace of podiatry, Germany. Dr. NOMADO insoles are crafted under his expert guidance. Using data from over 20,000 feet, we've developed a structure that aligns your foot's skeletal system, correcting foot irregularities as you walk.

Optimum shape for the foot designed based on data from 20,000 people

Dr. NOMADO insoles align the skeletal structure while restoring the natural 'arch' that your feet should have. If we liken the feet to a house, the insoles act as the foundation. By stabilizing this foundation, it helps maintain a posture with minimal strain and proper skeletal alignment.

The natural state of the foot sole is ideally characterized by a '3-point arch,' where the heel and the bases of the big and little toes create a raised structure. This 'arch' helps distribute the load across the foot, providing support to the body. However, in today's world, where people use their feet less frequently than in the past, it is said that this 'arch' is deteriorating compared to earlier generations.

General insole

Soft insoles can lead to instability in the foot's alignment, causing additional strain on other areas.

Dr.NOMADO insole

Dr. NOMADO insoles provide foot stability, ensuring no additional strain on other areas.

Reducing the burden on your feet by approximately 68%.

The average person's feet endure approximately 540 tonnes of pressure every day (based on a body weight of 60 kg). An uneven gait can lead to skeletal deformities and joint pain. The shape memory function ensures a snug fit to the foot, allowing the user to walk with the entire sole from heel to toe. The pressure is evenly distributed over the entire sole, which reduces the burden by approximately 68%. In addition, the shape memory fit also acts as an effective slip prevention.

Just cut, replace, and then simply walk with them on.

Getting started is quite simple. Just cut them to fit the shoes you use and replace them. You don't even have to choose your size and can start right away.
We won't let you take up any other time. The insoles will condition your feet while you go to work, school or out and about as usual.

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