Warm room shoes infused with chamomile and capsaicin extracts

The secret to warmth lies in chamomile and capsaicin.

SUNNY NOMADO room shoes are made from natural ingredients, chamomile and capsaicin (chilli), which are kneaded into the yarn at the dyeing stage. This makes them warmer than ordinary socks, and also enhances the heat retention properties.

Kagawa Prefecture, renowned as the leading glove-producing region in Japan, boasting the highest production volume.

While Kagawa Prefecture is famous for its udon noodles, it's also known as a prominent glove-producing region. Kagawa's glove industry holds a remarkable 90% share of the domestic market.

Featuring an original pattern on the underside with non-slip treatment

The underside of these slippers features a non-slip treatment with SUNNY NOMADO's original pattern, ensuring a secure grip on slippery surfaces like hardwood floors. You can use them with assurance.

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