Classic Outdoor Glove

Gloves crafted in Kagawa, Japan's premier glove-producing region

These gloves are crafted on glove weaving machines from Kagawa, renowned as Japan's leading glove-producing region. They feature colorfully intertwined threads, and the original yarn, blended with hemp, adds a unique texture that gracefully exhibits various expressions within its calm and sophisticated ambiance.

Kagawa Prefecture, renowned as the leading glove-producing region in Japan, boasting the highest production volume.

While Kagawa Prefecture is famous for its udon noodles, it's also known as a prominent glove-producing region. Kagawa's glove industry holds a remarkable 90% share of the domestic market.

Crafted from natural materials to achieve both comfort and warmth.

At the dyeing stage, we blend chamomile and capsaicin components to achieve a 'self-heating' effect that warms up shortly after wearing. Additionally, we've incorporated 'Teasel raising' on the wrist area, creating a soft touch that is impossible to achieve with metal needles and providing a meltingly smooth texture.

We dry and raise a spiky plant called Teasel, creating a fuzzy texture. This process offers an instant, melting sensation the moment you put them on.

A soft yarn made in Japan called Shoe Cream is used to produce this yarn with a wooden motif. The yarn is made in Japan, from the manufacturing process to the materials, with a focus on quality.

Touch available with no need to remove – featuring slit processing.

Featuring slit processing on the thumb, index finger, and middle finger, allowing easy and stress-free touchscreen operation and quick tasks without the need to remove the gloves.

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